Wallace Norman, Producing Artistic Director

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The WOODSTOCK FRINGE PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT is informed by the core value of WOODSTOCK FRINGE—the belief that the act of creation is an act of courage.  A group of playwrights, composers, lyricists, book writers and actors gather every other week to share and develop new work.  The culture of the PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT is one of community, nourishment, honor, mutual respect, and  professionalism.  This workshop is best suited to self-guided professionals in pursuit of excellence, who desire creative connection, collaboration with peers and share excitement and joy in the creative process.

At PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT sessions writers share pages or scenes from works-in-progress which are read by professional actors. They then may, at their choice, invite their colleagues to comment on the work in a structured critique designed to serve the needs of the creator.  While there are few rules about the work developed at the PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT, unfinished work, free of commercial constraints or contractual obligations is encouraged.

There are two sessions a year, one beginning in the fall, the other beginning in January.  At the end of each session, participants will have the opportunity to have their work read in staged readings to an invited audience.  Participation in public readings is not mandatory, but rather offered to participants who are ready to share their work with an invited audience outside of the PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT.

Participation by actors is free of charge.  Participation by writers for the autumn sessions is $75 and $100 for the winter/spring session. WOODSTOCK FRINGE is in the process of applying for foundation support for the PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT.  When support is secured, participation will be free and participants may receive small stipends for their participation to cover the cost of transportation and coffee.

Other activities of the Woodstock Fringe Playwrights Unit occur at less frequent intervals.  Several times a year PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT members will be invited to one or more play reading retreats to be held in New York City and Woodstock, NY.  These retreats are also known as WOODSTOCK FRINGE PLAY READING ORGIES.  Hundreds of play scripts, synopses, treatments, performance art works, and musical theatre works have made their way to Woodstock Fringe.  We read them all and respond to those who have submitted their work.  We honor the courage it takes to submit a play and share one’s imagination, psyche and work.

Admission to the WOODSTOCK FRINGE PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT is by invitation and application.  Applicants are asked to submit a resume and a 10-15 page sample of their work to:  PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT, WOODSTOCK FRINGE, PO Box 157, Lake Hill, NY  12448 or by e-mail to wnorman@woodstockfringe.org.  

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