Wallace Norman, Producing Artistic Director

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The Goat Hill Poets originated in 2007 as a monthly salon of poets who met to critique and encourage new work. The group took its name from its original meeting place on Goat Hill Road in Saugerties. All the members were invited to join through personal contacts. All are published poets with credits ranging from small to extensive, and all have been featured in poetry series in the Hudson Valley area.

Having developed respect and affection for each others' work, and having often attended each others' readings, the members have decided to offer group readings. A group anthology is in early planning stages. The current members of the group are Marianna Boncek, Leslie Gerber, Alison Koffler, Judith Lechner, Tara McCarthy, Guy Reed, and Cheryl A. Rice.

Two different programs of poetry will presented.



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