Wallace Norman, Producing Artistic Director

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MAD Magazine Senior Editor and creator of Almost Obscene, Joe Raiola returns to the Woodstock Fringe with his smart and provocative comedy. Passionately uncensored and irreverent, Raiola wages war on the status quo - and any holy book with more than 200 pages. Joe Raiola is a very funny man.Woodstock Times

JOE RAIOLA is suspicious of anyone who recites pledges, wears a flag pin, celebrates Columbus Day, or is over the age of 14 and still buys firecrackers. While deeply grateful to have been born in the United States, as opposed to Sudan, Joe does not from suffer the psychotic delusion that America is exceptional, nor is he a practitioner of the dangerous religion that many people believe the nation was founded upon. He has never been a member of a political party or church group, spoken out in favor of "God and country," or considered himself or been called "a patriot."

BARBARA PITCHER directed over 35 NYC productions in more than 25 venues. Winner of the Best Director: Jean Dalrymple Award; work includes Classical, Contemporary, Opera, Solo pieces, with works of Pinter, Chayefsky, OʼNeill, Shakespeare, Salinger, Chekhov, opera composer, Mark Grant. Introduced 17
new playwrights to NYC. Actress: TV: 11 years, “The Doctors”, “Search For Tomorrow”, “The Haunting of Rosalind”; Theatre highlights: “Y Is A Crooked Letter” opposite Al Pacino; creation of Monica, Robert E. Leeʼs “Sounding Brass”; Film:“Pate′ “, official Sundance Selection, with over 15 awards; “worked out” at
The Actorʼs Studio. Permanent Resident Director at ATA; & Theatre Within as a performer/director. November, 2011: Directing at Town Hall, NYC. www.BarbaraPitcher.com


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