Wallace Norman, Producing Artistic Director

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An ensemble of nine artists from diverse disciplines create a rich and haunting multi-media theatre experience by creating larger-than-life shadow puppets behind a 20-foot wide screen with video projections on the front. The puppets and images, made from sculptures, props, costumes and the human body, move in concert with projected video imagery, spoken narrative and an original soundtrack. This is a tragic comedy informed by the themes of pacifism, activism, materialism and poverty. Living in the same apartment building during World War I, the 1960's and the present, three generations balance their inherited legacies with the conflicts of their present conditions. In the face of a storm, the characters' funny and sometimes poignant devotion to each other and their ideals lead them to unexpected resolutions.


4 performances




Aug 29


2:00 pm

Aud 30


8:00 pm

Sept 4


8:00 PM

Sept 5


8:00 PM

A discussion with CAVE DOGS ensemble will follow each performance.


images from Archeology of a Storm

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